08. Februar 2018


One must look towards the future to rediscover one's roots. In doing so, we understand that every journey, regardless of the goal, leads us to discover something new about ourselves. Falconeri, the cashmere and natural-fibre brand, is about a man of many facets for Spring-Summer 2018, capable of living in harmony with nature but at the same time able to fit perfectly in energetic metropolitan settings. It will be a season rich in ideas about style, to which the Falconeri universe brings a cosmopolitan and contemporary flair.

The voyage of the brand, always an expression of comfortably minimalistic luxury, begins with a safari to explore the wildest nature, interpreted through the aesthetic of a modern explorer. The colours of the landscape inspire a palette which investigates shades of sand, ecru and khaki whilst including touches of grey and anthracite.

The journey continues towards the sea, to a traditional contemporary reinterpretation of the marinière theme. An innovative touch is guaranteed by the combination of colours from the world of denim -- a crescendo of nuances from ultramarine and dark jeans -- to tones of brown, sepia and coffee, in a refined and elegant mix.


The scenery then moves into town, where daywear is reworked in accordance with the changing needs of comfort and functionality in a fast-paced, constantly energised urban context. The colours of the metropolis define a palette which explores the world of whites and greys, from dusty chalk and optic white to slate and silver.


It's a season for reflection and rediscovery in daily life, which Falconeri accomplishes through knitwear as the undisputed star of a collection based on lightness. Blazers are soft and unstructured -- almost modern cardigans -- and are renewed by knit stitches like nuts, honeycomb, bark, crumple and seersucker or unusual pairings like the mix of linen and cotton. The sweaters, crew neck or V-neck, are in ultralight cashmere, becoming a second skin. Polo shirts become a contemporary uniform, enriched with three-dimensional argyle embroidery or made ethereal by garment-dyed tones.

About Falconeri 

Falconeri is an Italian brand specialising in creating a range of versatile, timeless knitwear. The collections accentuate the quality of the yarns, combining tradition and creativity, simplicity and attention to detail, at an affordable price. From the design sketches to weaving the fabrics - all stages of the manufacturing process including final meticulous quality control are carried out at our plant in Avio (Trento). This is where skilled experts transform fibres into versatile, timeless garments; unique items to wear regardless of seasonal trends. The affordable price in comparison with superior quality and sophisticated details plus continual technological research, are indicative of the finest Made in Italy artisan craftsmanship.

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