08. Februar 2018


Falconeri rewrites the rules of daily dressing with the new proposals in the Basic line. For Spring-Summer 2018, this "Made in Italy" knitwear brand strengthens its daywear and casual proposals with timeless garments with a comfortable and versatile, fit, perfect for any time of day.

Protagonist of the warm season as well is ultralight cashmere, which, with its special processing, makes this precious yarn fine and light enough to be worn during the warmer months, without losing the softness. The women's collection offers continuous models for the season: long cardigan, v-neck sweater, maxi tank with spaghetti straps, turtleneck, sweater, wide shoulder tank and short sleeve sweater. We also find new models proposed: sleeveless and short sleeve turtlenecks and maxi sweater with wide neck or turtleneck. The palette explores dusty tones, ranging from antique pink to pearl and including whisky, blue denim and mother of pearl. Deeper tones of dark blue, anthracite, black and graphite give personality to the men's collection and its ever-popular models like the cardigan and v-neck sweater, whilst blue and light grey accents brighten the crew neck.

Wrapping and comfort are the keywords for the Merino wool proposals, which, for next Spring-Summer, create a reassuring sophistication. For women, the palette includes the cosiest colours of blue, black, truffle and anthracite in v-neck or crew neck, turtleneck or maxi ribbed sweaters with wide necks. Men’s garments, too, explore shades of navy blue, anthracite melange, and graphite in vests and polos, as well as the colour natural in the classic crew neck, turtleneck or v-neck knitwear.

For lightness there is cotton, with super-light proposals which are perfect for the sunniest days. For women, the palette plays with shades of navy blue and the contrast between black and white, giving a contemporary touch to the crew neck, v-neck sweater, mini sweater, tank top, long cardigan, classic sweater and short-sleeve t-shirt. The men's collection is invigorated with shades which are innovative and on-trend, including touches of sage green and chlorophyll to Oxford grey, sepia and denim accents for the crew neck and v-neck.

The eclectic Falconeri range for Spring-Summer 2018 is enriched with new proposals in linen, the fibre which, due to its freshness and versatility, is most associated with the warm season. Falconeri offers its personal reinterpretation of this fine fibre in the women’s collection, interpreted in cardigan models, tanks and short-sleeve models, and in a palette ranging from the light tones of white and ecru to darker shades of caper and black.

About Falconeri 

Falconeri is an Italian brand specialising in creating a range of versatile, timeless knitwear. The collections accentuate the quality of the yarns, combining tradition and creativity, simplicity and attention to detail, at an affordable price. From the design sketches to weaving the fabrics - all stages of the manufacturing process including final meticulous quality control are carried out at our plant in Avio (Trento). This is where skilled experts transform fibres into versatile, timeless garments; unique items to wear regardless of seasonal trends. The affordable price in comparison with superior quality and sophisticated details plus continual technological research, are indicative of the finest Made in Italy artisan craftsmanship.

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